Father of a 2030

My daughter has been playing for Ambition for 2 years. Our experience has been fantastic and has made her love the game even more. She is a solid player with a lot of potential and passion for the game. In the past she has played for a couple other club teams and had a very poor experience in many ways. Her confidence dropped and she lost the passion and desire to play. The lack of motivation, attention to a new player and coaching at these other local clubs made the whole experience very hard on her. It got to the point where my daughter did not want to go to practice. She was losing her love for the game which was no longer fun and becoming a problem. Then I was introduced to Kathy Drake and her amazing team.
From the moment my daughter met Kathy everything changed. Ambition was positive, fun, and the culture of the coaches and players is just incredible. Kathy and her staff made my daughter believe in herself as a player and person and she started to love the game again.  In just 2 years playing Ambition, I'm proud to say that my daughter is now one of the top players and lead scorers on her town travel team. Without the guidance and coaching from Kathy and her incredible staff this would not have been possible. Ambition has been one of the best experiences for my daughter as well as for me as her father and seeing her so happy now running around the fields and excelling at lacrosse. We will continue with Ambition as her club team as longs as she can play. 

Mother of a 2027, HS freshman 

I just wanted to say how grateful I am to Ambition and your coaching and staff. (name omitted for privacy) made the Fairfield Ludlowe JV team! I was hoping and praying for the freshman team but so uncertain since they had 94 girls trying out for all 3 teams but she did it! Especially for us, having just moved here a year ago and my daughter trying to get footing in new town, new friends - this win getting on a team with a sport she loves is huge and I just know it's thanks to the fall and winter training with Ambition, so thank you!!! 

Father of a 2031

I want to thank you very much. I watched (name omitted for privacy) at her New Canaan Travel tryout today and it’s the best lacrosse I’ve ever seen her play. Her confidence is up and that’s the biggest key. When I asked her, she said that "it was knowing what to do, thanks to Coach Kathy".  So wanted to send you that feedback and thank you very much for giving her not only the opportunity to play on your 2031 Tournament team, but improving her skills & confidence. 

Mother of a 2025, HS Junior

(name omitted for privacy) made the National Lacrosse Team Tournament team for the US Lacrosse tournament in Raleigh NC. Props to your organization that helped helped her develop as a player.