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In my time as a premier girls lacrosse club director and coach, as well as a Varsity and JV High School Girls Lacrosse Coach and youth program director and coach, I have recognized the need for a program such as this in our lacrosse community. While our area is saturated with competitive club teams that focus on winning and college recruiting, the majority of our youth girls just want to PLAY, to LEARN, IMPROVE and GROW their game without families needing to sacrifice half their summers traveling to tournaments up and down the east coast.  The reality is that the Metropolitan New York area has some of the best lacrosse in the country.  There’s no need to travel to a tournament in Virginia only to end up playing a team from Long Island!  At Ambition Lacrosse, we are conscious of the family, financial and time commitment of club lacrosse and strive to strike a healthy balance between growing your game, college recruitment exposure and developing happy, confident and well rounded female athletes.

Unfortunately, the competitive landscape of Fairfield County has made it difficult for many girls to compete and enjoy participating on their travel and high school teams if they are not playing club lacrosse or putting in the work to develop as players in the off season.  It can be very difficult to keep up.

Not every girl wants to play Top DI college lacrosse.  Many Fairfield county girls thrive on mid- lower level DI, DII and DIII college teams.  The majority  just want to play on their town travel or high school teams, to make their town’s “A” team, their JV or Varsity High school team; to earn significant playing time, be proud of their skill level, and have a positive team experience  while making an impact.

For our players who aspire to compete at the collegiate level, we offer full access, support and guidance in the recruiting process.  As Club Director and Coach, I have unique experience in the college lacrosse recruiting landscape having guided not only my players but my own children through the college recruiting process at highly esteemed institutions: (son Connor Drake Team USA U-19 Training roster & Duke Men’s Lacrosse class of 2023, ACC Co-Champions and final four 2021 & ACC Champions 2023; daughter Callahan Drake Middlebury Women’s lacrosse National Champion 2022) .  As such, our staff is knowledgeable and experienced regarding the recruiting process of DI, DII and DIII lacrosse from all sides- coach, club, parent and player.  As AMBITION LACROSSE Director, I will be personally involved in your recruiting process should an athlete aspire to play lacrosse at the collegiate level.

The sport of lacrosse has provided some of my best life experiences, and I have loved watching my children enjoy the same. But what is missing today, that I can see though my own children, is the focus on LEARNING, on being a part of a team and the love of the sport rather than competing with your own teammates or focusing on which teams are “the best”. 

Enter our qualified and caring staff. We have the unique opportunity to create a supportive, team centered environment for those players looking for a club in which to grow as players and as young women.

We participate in competitive and skill-appropriate tournaments without a huge travel and family commitment. 


  • MORE team practices & personal skill development sessions than surrounding clubs
  • Highest staff to player ratio of surrounding clubs
  • Flexible scheduling and commitment and pricing options for multi-sport athletes
  • No other club team offers the off-season INJURY PREVENTION speed/conditioning, agility and strength training and skill development options of AMBITION Lacrosse.

Our Focus:

Hard work, Hustle, TEAM PLAY, Individual skill development, Integrity, Pride…and most of all the AMBITION to be the best possible version of yourself.

BE THE CHANGE you wish to see in the youth club lacrosse scene. 

I hope you will choose to play and grow with us!

– Coach Drake