Transforming Ambition

Into Accomplishment

Empowering Female Athletes by Fostering Confidence and Self-Esteem since 2017

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FALL 2023

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WINTER 2023-2024

Ambition Lacrosse Club for the Ambitious Player

“If You Lack Ambition, Your Potential Remains Unrealized.”

In the heart of southern Connecticut, Ambition Lacrosse club serves ambitious players aspiring to bring their game to the next level. We are focused not only on competition but on building confidence and self-esteem through sport. Ambition offer year-round lacrosse training for girls in addition to competitive tournament teams. Our veteran staff leads by example. We have been developing players in our program since 2017, previously known as CT Chargers for 5 years prior.

Our Purpose

Our aim is clear: to offer exceptional instruction while tailoring the lacrosse experience to each player's unique aspirations. With a team of highly skilled coaches, we provide personalized lacrosse training, ensuring every player maximizes her potential on and off the field.

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Our Values

AMBITION Lacrosse is about DEVELOPMENT first and foremost. We believe in the enduring value of building a young girl’s confidence through sport; the gifts of team camaraderie and the rewards of self-improvement.

While many elite lacrosse clubs overlook individual player development, we prioritize it.

Ambition is dedicated to athletic and personal development within the tempo and dynamics of high level play while developing individual’s confidence and technical skill set to reach their full potential. We offer full recruiting support for our players determined to play college lacrosse at any level.

“There Is No Force More Powerful Than A Woman Determined To Rise”

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Connect With Us

Ambition Lacrosse embodies a philosophy of progress and empowerment, catering to ambitious players in southern Connecticut eager to elevate their game.

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