Ambition Lacrosse is excited to announce our partnership with the CT Grizzlies lacrosse organization.

In an effort to best serve the developing players in our community Ambition Lacrosse & CT Grizzlies will be joining forces to educate, develop and build a strong foundation of skill and Lax IQ while building confidence and camaraderie through sport.

Ambition players will continue to experience the same personal high touch development focused attention that defines Ambition Lacrosse.

In partnering with the CT Grizzlies, Ambition lacrosse will have the opportunity to tap into the strongest network of coaches, programming and even more players in the Fairfield county & Westchester area who are eager to develop.  This represents increased value and prestige while Ambition will continue to charge the lowest registration fees of all the clubs in our surrounding area. Ambition players will have access to robust Grizzlies training & guest coaches, a stronger college recruiting platform, and the opportunity to train alongside other hungry developing players on true age group teams.

Our focus is the same as it has been from day one – Building confidence and character through sport and player development. We are the same Ambition program, now with a strong pipeline.

We are NOT becoming Grizzlies. Coach Drake will continue to run all aspects of Ambition and will take part in personally coaching all players on all Ambition teams as she has over the past three years alongside our dedicated Ambition coaches. Coach Drake will also now be coaching with CT Grizzlies in a manner that will prioritize and will not conflict with Ambition programs and schedules.

The Grizzlies & Ambition founders share the vision that development should be at the forefront in our sport. As Grizzlies look to expand on their developmental opportunities, Ambition lacrosse will serve as a development arm building bridges as a stepping stone between the two clubs. This is a high compliment to the quality of our club. The intention of this partnership is to reach more ambitious players in our area who are looking to raise their game. As our aspiring Ambition players continue to develop to meet  their full potential and reach their goals, they will be well positioned for consideration for placement on CT Grizzlies or other elite teams, should they desire to try out for those teams moving forward.

Value added benefits of this partnership for Ambition players:

o This partnership will serve as a vehicle to meet our goal for full rosters on true grad year teams

o Increased exposure for interested players

o Ambition coaches will continue coaching their current teams with the addition of highly qualified coaches to assist our current Head Coaches.

o Increased clinic and training opportunities with CT Grizzlies coaches, alumni, current college & professional players

o Greater foundation of recruiting network connections.

The focus of Ambition continues to be to offer family friendly programming and reasonable registration fees. Now we have the opportunity to continue to do what we love, and have seen so much success in doing over the past three years, alongside and in conjunction with one of the strongest club programs in the nation, enabling our players to benefit from new opportunities that now are open to us with the CT Grizzlies partnership.